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Welcome there!
We have solutions for you!

Our Vision

To be a law firm of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders.

Our Objectives

To maintain a high degree of professionalism by thriving to achieve excellence through attention to detail.

To passionately and continuously seek to satisfy the needs of clients by acting timeously and working towards success.

To stay competitive and ahead of the pack by employing innovative ideas to consolidate our position on the market.

To uphold the law and facilitate the cultivation of a culture of respect for human rights.

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to render a world class legal service without fear or favour and also with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We believe that the absence of the rule of law is the promouon of anarchy.

Meet the Team

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O.C Gutu

Senior Partner

T Marufu-Maune

Associate Partner

T Gutu

Administration Manager

F Munyamani

Senior Associate

T Zungura


What Clients Say About Us

We have a solid reputation for service delivery.

Being a client of Gutu & Chikowero has been a blessing for me. The law-firm has helped to avoid so many hurdles and keep well ahead of things. In my line of work, being ahead of details is very important. It determines life and death. Gutu & Chikowero have helped me with their expertise.

Mr Moyo ,


The best law-firm ensures that you not only have exceptional legal services but are positioned to protect your interests. Gutu & Chikowero has done just that. They have given us the counsel we needed and made sure that we were happy every step of the way. Often they have gone out of their way and gave us all the details we needed and how best i could protect my interests.

Jessica Muyani ,


Gutu & Chikowero is a top law-firm for a reason. They have done all our paper-work on time and delivered exceptional results. We have come to know that we can rely on their results-oriented team whenever we need legal services. They service has saved us a lot of money and conflict. They gave us all the legal services we needed – all under one roof.

John ,

Business Owner