About Us

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Our story

Our Vision

To be a law firm of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders.

Our Objectives

  • To maintain a high degree of professionalism by thriving to achieve excellence through attention to detail.
  • To passionately and continuously seek to satisfy the needs of clients by acting timeously and working towards success.
  • To stay competitive and ahead of the pack by employing innovative ideas to consolidate our position on the market.
  • To uphold the law and facilitate the cultivation of a culture of respect for human rights.

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to render a world class legal service without fear or favour and also with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We believe that the absence of the rule of law is the promotion of anarchy.

It is the firm’s policy to explain to clients the constraints, foreseen and unforeseen, that might crop up during our interaction. During the conduct of work, we also make it a firm habit to report to clients regarding developments with their matters. We believe that in order to build our strength, and maintain a professional outlook, we must get a constant feedback from client clients on he quality of our services. Our fees are based on the Law Society tariff. We charge according to time spent on the job, and the complexity of the matter. We give quality service and provide our clients with value for money.